And than, we become your department
And than, we become your department

Be creative and innovative work depends not only on. But a lifestyle. We are doing our job and we do it well, because we love what we do"...

Our services

We produce effective solutions for customer oriented and do make use of all our human staff, and art tools.

Preliminary, Counseling materials procurement deals, Preparation and review of projects, project delineation and computer graphics, design developments, Sub-floors and basements, Architectural Control, Restructuring architectural buildings, 3D Architecture.

Civil engineering

Technical appraisals, technical programming, general topography, soil movement, General Construction, 3D Structural engineering, measurements and estimates, analysis and studies of soil, construction Supervision, Assistance to the project management, Remodeling of infrastructure, facilities Calculation and structures, preliminary studies and data collection.

Environmental impact studies

We carry out environmental impact studies for projects of public or private works that cause actions affect the natural environment, on the terms and characteristics prescribed by law.

We study in detail the possible effects of the proposed activity would cause to the environment and propose, if affected, corrective measures more feasible and compatible with the preservation of existing environmental values​​.

Renewable energy

Safety studies, Design of renewable energy, water treatment plant design.


Samples of work done by our company.


M&M Group was established in the city of Guayaquil in 2008.

Its founders and spouses, the architect María José Mancheno R. MSc. Environmental and Engineer Milton Jinner Rodríguez N. two professionals whose dedication and desire to succeed are evolving to provide architectural and civil solutions, always showing technology, economy and quality services.

Always studied each architecture has evolved as the passage of time. And we kept much of what is modern architecture that we use in house design, much like Mies Van de Rohe although we are testing other frilly designs much like Frank Lloyd Right, now this is being used in buildings office. intelligent building design. Our new challenge is a renewable building materials and use new volumetric forms using new software.

Arq. Ma. José Mancheno

MSc. Environmental
My hands, the time remaining to live slowly. Suddenly everything speeds up when I hear music that is called architecture. Pursue what you love so much, living being that being that fills the other senses to form the space".
The problem or limitation exists only when necessary security and qualified advice, your ideas are always possible with us, my ideals are creating solutions demonstrate the ability to take me to safety".